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FreeSCAN for iOS

Current Stage: In Development

As its name implies, this app is designed to allow you to control your scanner using your iOS device over a wifi or 3G connection.

  • Remote screen viewing and control
  • Listen to remote audio
  • View scanner logs, play back previous recordings
  • Turn the serial link to the scanner on/off
  • Built-in database utility allows you to connect with multiple different types of configurations
  • PC running Windows XP or higher
  • FreeSCAN version 2.15 or higher (TBA)
  • A compatible scanner such as a Uniden DMA scanner, connected to the PC over serial port
  • A network connection between the PC and iOS device. This can be in the form of a local wifi network or over the Internet. If using the Internet, you may need to reconfigure your router to allow incoming connections to the PC.
  • For streaming audio, you will need to connect an audio cable between the scanner and the PC, and then have audio streaming software such as Scannercast running.
Screenshots coming soon!