FreeSCAN (WinXP or higher)
FreeSCAN is freeware scanner software for programming & controlling your Uniden DMA public safety scanner.

FreeSCAN Remote (for iOS)
FreeSCAN Remote allows you to control your Uniden DMA scanner using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It works over wifi or or 3G and not only allows for full devices control, but also audio feeding, log viewing and playing back recording.

IRLP*Me (for iOS)

IRLP*Me is designed to work with the Internet Radio Linking Project, a system for linking amateur radio repeater over very long distances. See for more information.

IRLP*Me includes the full database of every IRLP node. You can search it using node number, call sign or city. It can also use GPS to automatically discover your location and provide information on the closest node. Internet access is not required for most features.

The Decodifier (for iOS)
The Decodifier is intended for use by American & Canadian soldiers operating communications equipment in the field. Frequently faced with perplexing error codes, The Deocodifier bundles error codes from a stack of manuals into one convienent, searchable app.

Ice Comm (WinXP or higher)
Ice Comm is a free, easy to use program for reading and writing channel memories to the ICOM IC-7000 radio. Please note: Ice Comm is not compatible with the R-7000 receiver.

MySpy SuperSpy (for iOS)

This revolutionary app is designed to take advantage of the iPhone's size, processing power and microphone. This app is designed to run in the background while the phone sits in your pocket. It will listen carefully to ambient sounds and identify keyboard clicks. It then uses special recognition technology to identify which key was pressed and logs it to your iPhone. Optionally, through an earphone, the iPhone can actually steathly read you back everything it hears being types. This is useful for when you are at the bank, and you want to verify the teller is typing your information correctly into the system.