To install FreeSCAN, download and install the .MSI file. 
For differences between versions and important operating information, see the release notes. 
This version supports the  the SC230, BC246T, BR330T, BCD396T,  UBC3500XLT, 
BCT15, BCD996T, BC346XT, BCD396XT, BCT15X, and BCD996XT scanners. 
fssetup-215.ZIP (1.7MBish) 
This latest version is written on the Microsoft .net 4.0 Platform. If you don't already have this, you will need to download and install it first. You can get it from  Microsoft's download page.
PowerPatrol is for programming Uniden’s Home Patrol-1 scanner.  Microsoft .Net 
Framework 4.0 is required to run this program. You can download it direct or
from Microsoft. 
SetupPP-010.exe (.2MBish)
Please Note!!
 **PowerPatrol will NOT function with HomePatrol 2.0+ firmware and is no longer supported!!
Ice Comm 
Ice Comm is a freeware program for programming channels into the Icom IC-7000.
.Net 2.0 is required to be installed for Ice Comm to operate.
icecomm1.01.msi (.7MB)


These drivers seem to agree with FreeSCAN, Ice Comm, Prolific USB-Serial adaptors as well as Windows Vista & Windows 7. These are recommended if you are having problems with errors, either downloading or uploading. They will work with the Uniden USB-1 cable as well. (1.8MB)

Windows XP Prolific Drivers
These are handy drivers to have if you are using XP or 2000 and the Prolific drivers are producing a “Code 10” error. This frequently happens with cheap $2 USB-Serial adapters. The latest Prolific drivers seem to not get along with them, however, these older “GPS” drivers will work just fine. 

Additional Freeware Software - A handy program to spy on serial port communications.