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: FreeSCAN on macOS  ( 68 )
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« : November 03, 2018, 12:34:45 PM »

FreeSCAN runs as downloaded on MacOS (Mojave).

1. Install Xcode Command Line utilities
2. Install MacPorts
3. Install using macports "cabextract"
4. Install Wine
5. Install WineTricks
6. Install using Winetricks "dotnet45"
7. Download FreeSCAN installer
8. Install freescan using Wine
9. Add "string" KEY: "COM1" VALUE: [/dev/<your USBMODEM device name created when you attach scanner to the Mac.] in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Wine/Ports by running "regedit" in wine.
10 Finally!!! run FreeSCAN in wine by CDing to the installation bottle for FreeSCAN under the wine "c_drive" directory using the command: "wine ./freescan"

Works for me on my BDC996P2 scanner.  Able to upload existing programming, modify the upload, save the FreeSCAN file, and download the changes to the scanner.

If you search the internet for each of the items above you will find the information details needed for each of the steps. 
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